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Soap Writer Has Day of Her Life

Dyer: All smiles. Thousands of wannabes have made their way to Hollywood for decades hoping for their big break, only to never get it. For Glendale resident Lacey Dyer, that break came at 26 after winning an Emmy for her scriptwriting on the NBC soap opera “Days of Our Lives.” The award was a nice boost to the long-running show, which is produced in Burbank but has been lagging in the rating and a few years ago faced cancellation. “I’m just grateful that I was given the opportunity to be part of such an iconic show,” she said. “The Emmy was just the cherry on top.” A native of Presque Isle, Maine, Dyer moved to the Valley in 2008 for an internship on the soap, and later became a writer’s assistant. After three years, she handed in an original script and was hired as a full-blown writer. In 2010, Dyer enrolled in the Department of Cinema and Television Arts at Cal State Northridge, which means she won the Emmy while juggling a graduate course load. Jon Stahl, the cinema department’s chair, who had Dyer in his writing class, said that she was an impressive student. “Her instincts were sharp, her sense of drama, her sense of structure were already well honed,” he said. Dyer received the Emmy for being part of an Outstanding Drama Writing Team on Days of Our Lives, which is produced at NBC’s Burbank studios. There was talk of the production being moved to Glendale to a cheaper space, but it was announced in early October that the production will stay put for now. – Bailey Brewer

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