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Outsource Agency Selects Chairman

Outsourced sales and marketing agency Certified Management Group LLC has appointed former Coca-Cola Co. executive Hal Kravitz as chairman of its board of directors, the Glendale company announced Monday. Certified Management Group helps food and beverage brands sell their products to independent merchandisers and wholesalers. “In the midst of a tremendous growth period for our company, Hal’s insight and experience will be essential as CMG continues to partner with brands seeking new growth in unconventional channels of trade,” said Chief Executive Pete Slauer in a statement. Kravitz is also a board member of fitness drink company Celsius Holdings Inc. and for the past three years was chief executive of performance water brand AQUAhydrate. Before joining AQUAhydrate, Kravitz spent more than 30 years in management positions with Coca-Cola.

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