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The High Cost of Environmentalism

With Thanksgiving in two weeks, I have to start by giving thanks that my family and home have been safe from the fires we have seen recently.

Which Path Shall the Valley Take?

Transit investments are a good idea.

The Coming Jobs War

OP-ED: Acknowledging and addressing impacts of automation on the local economy.

Probations Can Combat Inefficiency

OP-ED: State government would do well to mandate longer probation periods for new employees.

It’s About Workplace Opportunity

Valley Industry and Commerce Association: what employers face with the new, higher overtime threshold.

Green New Deal: What’s the Cost?

Costs of Green New Deal.

Last Stop on the Orange Line

Valley residents shouldn’t take a back seat on the Orange Line conversion issue.

How to Harm Everyone in the Valley

Traffic and housing, housing and traffic.

What Happens If We Don’t Build?

How apartment construction gives tenants bargaining power.

Labor Reform That Makes Sense

Newly proposed laws show labor is adapting to the new ways of working.

It’s Time to Sit Up and Pay Attention

I once saw a T-shirt that proudly declared, “I put the ‘pro’ in procrastination.”

When the Clock Strikes Midnight

The end of summer is one of my favorite times of year. To me, it represents a new school year for my kids, cooler weather and of course, the beginning of all the fun holidays.

Here’s How Privacy Law Will Hurt

VICA LOCAL UPDATE: The Business Perspective on Valley Issues

How privacy law will hurt businesses.

How Valley Can Get Soccer League

Sports help build community.

New Hires Can Help Revitalize L.A.

Los Angeles should take advantage of opportunities to create jobs – and fill them appropriately.

A Real Impact From Business Voters

When most people think about voting, they think that their vote for president is the most important vote they can give.

My Holiday Wish List

VICA President Stuart Waldman makes a wish list for the new year.

Killing Us Slowly With Their Laws

The California Legislature last month ended its 2020 legislative session where most of the final day of session was spent arguing about partisanship and figuring out how to conduct business virtually.

How to Stop Housing Construction

Will linkage fees curb Warner Center development?

Yes, It’s Difficult to Run a Company

Most of us know the routine as an employee. You wake up, clock in for work, take your required rest and meal breaks, go back to work, clock out for the day, and then go home just to get ready to do it all over again.