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Tech Firm Tries Travel Site Rewrites

Moravia IT, a global tech company with North American headquarters in Thousand Oaks, has expanded its services to provide written content for travel and hospitality websites – a far-flung addition to its core business. The Czech Republic company sells software and hardware products and services including test development, multilingual publishing and workflow consulting. It targets clients in the information technology, e-learning and life sciences industries. The new travel segment was developed to help deliver online engagement and bookings to travel websites by providing original content for clients in five languages that would result in high rankings on Google and other search engines. “This is driven by search optimization. If you have unique content, you rank better than if you have shared content,” said Renato Beninatto, chief marketing officer of Moravia’s North American business. “What happened is one of our clients acquired some travel property and wanted to outsource their editorial services. So we started doing that for them three to four years ago. That’s how we identified the niche.” Moravia announced its travel segment last September and has since marketed it to leading hotel chains, restaurants and resorts. Beninatto would not disclose any client names. The company has 1,500 employees at offices all over the globe including locations in Japan, Ireland, China and Hungary, and recently hired about 150 team members to run the travel segment. Because traveler preferences differ from country to country, the content is written – not translated – in English, Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish and German. Taking into account the prevalence of mobile devices, Beninatto said the content is usually no longer than 100 characters or 100 words, depending on the site. “Sometimes using pre-written content isn’t enough to deliver the level of precision travel companies need to drive online conversions and sales, no matter how accurate the translation itself is,” Beninatto said in a statement. – Champaign Williams

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