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Software Can Help Isolate Soundtracks

Voxiso has developed an artificial intelligence-powered audio source isolation tool to remove instrumentals or vocals from songs. The software developed by the Agoura Hills company can also revise song production by separating out individual tracks from an audio file and extract the vocals, drums, bass and other instruments. The software is ideal for aspiring and seasoned DJs, record producers, remixers and samplers who like to insert isolated vocals into mixes or isolate separate instruments. The streamlined user interface also makes it easy to create backing tracks to sing along to (karaoke) or play along with (instrumental practice). Cost for the service ranges from $5.99 a month for the basic plan to $9.99 a month for the professional plan. Storage time at the Voxiso site through its My Tracks page is dependent on the monthly plan. It can range from one hour for the basic plan to 10 days with the professional plan. Tracks can always be reloaded to storage after they expire. “The basic plan is used for vocal isolation which removes the instrumental and leaves only the acapella,” the company said on its website. “The professional plan separates multiple audio sources and provides the user with separated vocals, drums, bass and other tracks.” It takes less than a minute for the Voxiso software to process an audio file. The software supports the most popular audio formats, including MP3 and WAV. The Voxiso software was designed by lead developer Patrick Wilson, a serial entrepreneur with expertise in startups and tech development.

Mark Madler
Mark Madler
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