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Recruitment at Barrister Band Session

Barry Goldberg met his latest trial associate through the Big Band of Barristers, a music group for lawyers, law students, judges and legal staff to “meet in harmony,” Goldberg said. Matthew Stearns will be joining Woodland Hills’ Law Offices of Barry P. Goldberg, bringing his experience in entertainment law to the personal injury firm. Stearns graduated from Southwestern Law School in 2016; he has handled trademark and copyright issues in the entertainment field, as well as licensing and intellectual property disputes before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. “I was working in copyright and trademark intellectual property,” Stearns said. “As much as I enjoyed the work, it was something that I felt like I needed to have more of a hands-on kind of gig.” Much of his previous work revolved around protecting rap artist trademarks and popular memes, according to a statement from the firm. “Through working in that band, I had some opportunities to work with Barry on and off, and that’s basically how things have progressed,” added Stearns. “People tend to talk about their work during rehearsals. It was interesting for me to listen because it’s worth hearing, what other people’s experiences were in different facets of the law.” “He worked for me as a contract attorney for about a year, and that was maybe one day a week. I was begging him to come work for me for a year,” said Goldberg, who also serves as president of the San Fernando Valley Bar Association. “Maybe it’s because he came to law after doing other things, but he’s more mature. He has a refreshing ability to analyze and think tactically that I don’t see in young candidates.” Goldberg and Stearns play trombone and tenor saxophone in the band, respectively. Stearns was a professional musician prior to pursuing his law degree.

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