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PennyMac Launches ‘Greatness Lives Here’ Marketing Campaign

Mortgage lender PennyMac Financial Services Inc. has launched a brand campaign titled “Greatness Lives Here.”

The campaign features television, digital audio, social media and online advertisements, according to the Westlake Village company. The ads highlight domestic moments, such as a family pizza night, a high school graduation celebration and a girl playing dress-up, all within a family home.

“The core idea behind Pennymac’s brand campaign comes from home being foundational to who we are,” Susan Hallock, chief marketing officer, said in a statement. “Owning a home is part of an incredible journey that can help people live their lives to the fullest.”

“I’m proud to see the new Pennymac campaign come together and present homeownership as an achievable goal, because home provides a strong foundation for greatness in life,” Chief Executive David Spector said in a statement. “A home is a place where families, memories and success are built. At Pennymac, we have an enduring commitment to our customers and business partners on their journey of achieving life’s aspirations through the power of homeownership.”

Shares of PennyMac (PFSI) closed Tuesday down $1.31, or 2.2 percent, to $58.05 on the New York Stock Exchange on a day the Dow closed down 1.4 percent.

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