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New Editor Takes Reins At Paper

Beginning with this issue, Joel Russell is the new editor of the San Fernando Valley Business Journal. He replaces Laurence Darmiento, who left to take a position at the Los Angeles Times. For the last two years, Russell served as managing editor at the Business Journal. Both he and Darmiento previously worked at the Los Angeles Business Journal, a sister publication, and came to the Valley in late 2012. In his new position, he intends to provide breaking news as well as in-depth articles and features on local companies that will keep readers informed of what businesses and business people are doing. “Since my first visit to Los Angeles in 1984, I have felt the San Fernando Valley is a magical place,” he said. “From the Disney headquarters at one end to the industrial labs of Chatsworth at the other, it’s a petri dish of entrepreneurial experimentation. I look forward to capturing that spirit in our publication.” Prior to working as a reporter at the Los Angeles Business Journal, Russell, who’s fluent in Spanish, was senior editor at the now-defunct Hispanic Business magazine in Santa Barbara. He holds degrees from Brigham Young University and the University of Missouri School of Journalism. “Joel Russell has covered a lot of companies and industries in the nine years he’s been with the two business journals,” said Charles Crumpley, editor of the Los Angeles Business Journal. “So he knows a great deal about local businesses, particularly their challenges and successes. “Joel also is scrupulously honest and fair, not to mention intelligent and talented,” Crumpley continued. “I’m sure Valley companies will find that Joel Russel will always lend them an understanding ear.”

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