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40 Under 40, Wurth

David Wurth, 31 Founder/Publisher, C-Suite Quarterly Publishing isn’t a first career for David Wurth, nor is it his only career. As a graduate of the University of Arizona’s Eller College of Business, Wurth was a certified financial manager at Merrill Lynch & Co. before founding C-Suite Media Inc. and becoming the founder of luxury niche magazine C-Suite Quarterly. He also is the founding partner of Wurth & Co., a marketing consulting firm. Wurth takes pride in his role as publisher, whether working with the production team or meeting members of the business community. “I am able to connect with a variety of folks from the owners of mom-and-pop shops to Fortune 500 CEOs to the volunteers at local charities,” Wurth said. “There is something to be learned from all.” Wurth takes his role in the community seriously and is involved in nonprofits such as Alliance for the Arts and the American Red Cross. He is active in ACG 101, the Los Angeles Venture Association, the Gold Coast Business Forum and the CEO Forum. These networks bring out what Wurth views as a strong suit: connecting. “It has always been in my blood to be a connector of people to people, and people to projects,” he said. “Consistently, I am in a position to help put two people together that I think might benefit the two toward a common goal or interest.” His career switch to media from finance has gone well, and he advises young professionals to identify their passions early on. “Find a path that will allow you to achieve your goals and passions,” he said. “Time is precious, so the sooner you identify what makes you tick, pursue it.”

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