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40 Under 40, Sadd

Louie Sadd, 29 Managing Partner, Datastream Louie Sadd, 29, co-founder of Glendale-based IT services company Datastream, knows deciphering new technology can be difficult for certain audiences. “I speak ‘tech’ and ‘business’ in a way that can be understood by a wide array of audiences,” Sadd said, noting this helps him to market and sell the company’s products. Datastream was founded in 2001 and offers data backup and recovery services. The company has clients in the financial services, manufacturing, health care and distribution industries. Sadd completed his B.S. degree at the University of Southern California in 2005 and is active in the Glendale community. He served on the board of the Chamber of Commerce and is chairing Glendale’s audit committee. Sadd says he has learned “if your business doesn’t sell well, it doesn’t do well.” His advice to other professionals is simple and direct. “Meet as many people as you can, never be afraid to ask others for advice, and stay honest.”

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