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Vigilante Buzz Cut Sherman Oaks homeowners who have been planting trees along Ventura Boulevard the last two years to spruce up the area were not amused when they discovered that some culprit had surreptitiously undertaken a little do-it-yourself boulevard beautification project. One of the trees planted on Ventura near Woodman Avenue, which had been obscuring a business sign, was given a buzz haircut. Sharon Mayer, field deputy for Councilman Michael Feuer, said the foliage barber was not caught in the act, so proving who did it would be too much bother, but the tree survived its shaving. Since the tree program was instituted in 1998, Mayer said, the councilman’s office has had to work with some business owners to find different-sized Chinese Tallow trees that wouldn’t obstruct their business signs. “There have been some concerns (from businesses),” Mayer said. “For the most part, it’s gone over well.”

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