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Volume 4 Number 5 On the Cover AUTOMOTIVE A North Dakota car dealer is shaking up the San Fernando Valley dealership scene, but is GM providing the newcomer special favors? PLAY Gone are the days you could spend $50 on a kid’s birthday party. Try several hundred today. A Sherman Oaks firm cashes in on the demand for fancier parties. NOHO A $750 million studio and office complex could boost North Hollywood’s fortunes, provided the project pencils out. UP FRONT REAL ESTATE Glendale Plaza has attracted its first tenant, but not the well-heeled entertainment players the developer was hoping for. 5 TAXES L.A.’s business tax plan started out as a sure thing from the mayor’s office, but it didn’t turn out that way when it reached the City Council. 6 POLITICS Firebrand City Councilwoman Jackie Goldberg has once again found herself at odds with L.A.’s business community. 7 ENFORCE The city is cracking down on A-frame signs on Ventura Boulevard, but merchants have a message for the city: Get a life. 8 DEVELOPMENT Lockheed Martin Co. moves quickly to find a new developer for a stalled retail-office complex in Burbank. 9 STRUCKOUT Vestar Development Co. lost the Lockheed project in the final stretch after spending several years and millions of dollars. 9 IMPROVE A Business Improvement District in Tarzana isn’t living up to local merchants hopes, at least not so far. 10 LAWSUIT A case involving a talking ham sandwich could set a precedent for online copyright infringement. 10 AHMANSON Ahmanson Ranch, the proposed mini-city in eastern Ventura County has run into a big wall: L.A. County. 12 CSUN Cal State Northridge President Blenda J. Wilson is leaving the university to work for a Massachusetts education foundation. 12 ACQUISITION Alcatel’s purchase of Xylan Corp. is the latest in a flurry of L.A. acquisitions by European companies. 13 FAST TRACK SOFTWARE Westlake-Village-based Market Scan Information Systems is seeing exponential growth thanks to its software that helps car dealers calculate automotive lease rates. 16 SPOTLIGHT ON PANORAMA CITY The opening of Wal-Mart and The Plant, an industrial and retail center, could go a long way in reviving this gritty, crime-plagued community. 17 PEOPLE TYREE WIEDER The president of L.A. Valley College has increased enrollment and expanded course offerings by listening to what businesses need. 18 Columns & features Newsmakers 19 STRATEGIES Columns & features Enterprise 22, Personal Finance 23, Econowatch 23 REAL ESTATE Columns & features Real Estate Column 24

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