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Mayor proposes deep cuts in city budget

Facing the largest deficit in Los Angeles history, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa proposed a $7 billion budget that seeks to add more police and firefighters, but cuts deep into city spending and raises dozens of fees on everything from parking to golf. In an economic downturn with the city losing sales and real estate taxes that have long funded essential services, Villaraigosa said he chose to make the significant cuts and fee hikes in order to continue boosting spending on key city services, including public safety, street maintenance and gang prevention. “In challenging budget times, we need to concentrate on our core mission as a city. This budget focuses on our basic mission of fighting traffic, gang membership and violent crime,” Villaraigosa said Monday morning in a news conference at a North Hollywood street maintenance yard. For the full story visit http://www.dailynews.com/ci_9007938

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