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The Real Problem at Universal Your coverage of the Universal expansion continues to strike out on real noise issues, of which late-night explosions during film production do not top any list. As a Toluca Lake resident, residing within 300 to 400 yards of the park, I have yet to lose any sleep due to late-night explosions or gunfire. What I and hundreds of my fellow Tolucans are really subject to every day and every evening are explosions and gunfire (among other excessive noises) from rides and attractions. Once again, Universal has managed to put a “spin” on expansion plans put before the Regional Planning Commission by making a huge issue out of late-night filming. The real noise problems occur during operating hours of the theme park. Construction for the expansion, which could run 24 hours per day, seven days per week for 15 years, would dwarf any excessive noise from filming. These are the true noise issues, not filming. Real locals are notified in writing by Universal whenever film production calls for a “blast” to go off during early-morning hours. In the past year, I have received four or five notices for such an event. Over 50 complaint calls, however, have been placed from my home to Universal’s Noise Hotline in the past year regarding theme-park noise. To my knowledge, Universal has never complied with any noise complaint from any local resident. Universal’s master plan will continue to meet heavy opposition from every direction until the needs of the people most affected are dealt with realistically. Their “immense competitive disadvantage,” as attorney-lobbyist-“spin doctor” George Mihlsten puts it, is really their leadership… not late-night film production. RICHARD A. COLE Toluca Lake

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