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Judge Sides with Vivid over “Throat” Release

Vivid Entertainment can distribute a film loosely based on adult film classic “Deep Throat” after a Los Angeles Superior Court turned down a motion for a temporary restraining order. Arrow Production and its head Ray Pistol had argued that the company would be harmed if Vivid released a film titled “Throat,” a new version of the famous Linda Lovelace movie from the 1970s. Vivid Co-Chairman Steven Hirsch said he was pleased with the ruling made March 6 by Superior Court Judge David P. Yaffe and that Vivid would go ahead with the March 18 release of “Throat.” “Ray Pistol’s attorneys spent a full half hour before the judge trying to make their case, but he essentially told Arrow they can’t stop this movie from being released,” Hirsch said. Mark R. Madler

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