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Employee Assistance Organization Reforms

After disbanding a few years ago, the San Fernando Valley Chapter of the Employee Assistance Professionals Association is back up and running. The group is now meeting in the conference room at the Tarzana Treatment Center on the last Friday of every month. Joe Torres, the former president of the Los Angeles Chapter who is now heading up the local group, said that the Valley had a functioning chapter for about 20 years, but it inexplicably stopped meeting a few years ago. After taking a job in the Valley, Torres contacted the association’s headquarters in Washington D.C. to obtain a list of former members which he used to reform the Valley chapter. Employee assistance professionals work with a wide variety of businesses consulting with managers to train new supervisors or with human resources to work out problems with employees like tardiness, absenteeism or a lack of productivity, among other jobs. Torres said that the group’s first meeting was attended by about 50 people. Half of them were EAPs, the other half worked in organizational development, human relations or other fields. Torres said he’s encouraging local business members to attend meetings, and that the coming meeting will focus on risky practices and risk management. Interested parties can reach Torres at (805) 989-8161.

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