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Dolphin Markets 3D System For Improving Dental Care

Dolphin Imaging & Management Systems, which sells technology to over 4,000 dental specialists, has started selling the latest in three-dimensional imaging systems to orthodontists and oral surgeons. Chatsworth-based Dolphin signed a deal with Dimensional Imaging, which developed the technology, after dimension began selling in the United Kingdom and Europe with some success. “We have a pretty nice brand name here in North America in these fields,” said Chester H. Wang, Dolphin director. “Dimensional Imaging’s technology is simple and very practical, which produces data that reads seamlessly by our software.” The technology, called Di3D, uses four digital cameras that take simultaneous images in order to produce a 3D image of a patient’s head so that orthodontists and oral surgeons can plan procedures and keep more detailed records. Wang said that dental and orthodontic professionals are starting to be more concerned about a treatment’s effects on a patient’s overall facial aesthetics, and the Di3D is an ideal tool in that case. “Right now more and more orthodontists and oral surgeons, the two specialists that we cater to, are more into treating from the face,” Wang said. The Di3D produces images that are verified at sub-millimeter accuracy and presented in high resolution. Dolphin writes software that synchronizes easily with Dimensional’s product. “In turn, by being able to obtain clearer delineations in distances, ratios, angles, etc. on the facial surface, they will be able to assess treatment better and quicker,” said Dr. Colin Urqhart, CEO of Dimensional Imaging. Wang said that patients are often simply amazed at the novelty of having a three-dimensional image of themselves. He said that the technology is also useful for providing more detailed before and after pictures to patients. The system currently costs a total of $35,000, which includes the costs of the equipment and installation. While it’s a high price tag, Wang said that Dolphin has already sold some of the systems to universities, which he said are often the first adopters of the latest technology. More than 90 dental schools across the country and 125 specialty departments, which handle procedures like orthodontics, radiology, pediatric dentistry and others, currently use Dolphin’s software programs. He said it probably won’t be long before private practitioners are purchasing them as well. “Ten years ago, when the cost of digital cameras was quite high, everyone bought one for $10,000, and this was something that was less than one megapixel,” Wang said.

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