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CRA Obtains Approval to Redevelop Northeast San Fernando Valley

Seventh District Councilman Richard Alarc & #243;n won approval Wednesday for his motion to have the Community Redevelopment Agency of Los Angeles create a master plan for the continued redevelopment of the Northeast San Fernando Valley. A projected budget of $64 million in the next fiscal year will be available to help create jobs and redevelop the area, which is generally bounded by the San Diego Freeway in the west, the 210 Foothill Freeway in the north and east and Victory Boulevard in the south. “The time has come for the Northeast San Fernando Valley to have a coherent and community-driven vision for its future,” Alarc & #243;n said. “Pacoima, Sun Valley, Sylmar and Panorama City are some of the most under-planned areas in the city. Now is the time to create integrated, vibrant and pedestrian-friendly commercial districts along Van Nuys Boulevard and San Fernando Road. We need all stakeholders to participate in the creation of the master plan for the project area so we can make our land use decisions based on a holistic vision, not on a project-by-project basis.” The creation of the master plan will be funded by CRA/LA resources that are earmarked for the project area, which includes council districts 6 and 7 and encompasses 2,914 acres. According to 2005 Census Bureau figures, approximately one-quarter of the households in Pacoima and Panorama City live below the federal poverty line.

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