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Business Journal Biotech Report Wins Gold Award

The San Fernando Valley Business Journal received a gold award for best ancillary publication from the Alliance of Area Business Publications for its special biotech report. “Biotech: The Changing Face of the 101 Corridor” was included in the April 28, 2008 issue. The award was presented June 27 at the Alliance’s annual meeting taking place in Minneapolis. The awards selection committee praised the “real heft in reporting and presentation” of the special section. “Any single story in it could have been a front-page story in any newspaper in the country,” judges said. “The lack of a rah-rah tone is refreshing. Instead, it takes a deep, serious and somber look at the economic situation as it is, and what needs to change, and offers suggestions for how to get it done. The Dear Readers column sets the tone for this well-organized and thoughtful publication.”

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