A joint venture between builder Hudson Pacific Properties Inc. and investment firm Blackstone will begin construction by the end of this year on a 240,000-square-foot movie and television production facility in Sun Valley called Sunset Glenoaks Studios.

“We expect construction to start this year, in the next month and a half, and then we expect to open probably in the third quarter, sort of the mid-year 2023,” Jeff Stotland, head of global studios and services for Hudson Pacific Properties, said of the project which was initially announced in July. “We expect construction is going to take probably about 20 months and we’re on track for that.”

The project is expected to cost between $170 million and $190 million and will join the ventures’ growing portfolio of recently purchased and upgraded legacy facilities, including Sunset Gower Studios, Sunset Bronson Studios and Sunset Las Palmas Studios in Hollywood. 


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