Teledyne CML Composites’ thermoplastic presses.

Teledyne CML Composites’ thermoplastic presses.

Teledyne CML Composites has invested to build a new thermoplastic processing cell with increased capacity. 

The subsidiary of Teledyne Technologies Inc. in Thousand Oaks is a manufacturer of composite aerospace components for commercial and defense customers. 

The new processing cell, developed in conjunction with the U.K.’s National Composites Centre or NCC, utilizes two press and oven systems with infrared heating, platen heating and a maximum force of 400 tons. The cell is capable of processing multiple reinforced thermoplastics, each with different melting and cooling temperatures. 

“Having identified thermoplastics as a key technology in our long-term growth ambitions, this investment adds an exciting new automated manufacturing capability to our business,” John Toner, vice president of Teledyne Aerospace and Defence Electronics UK (and general manager of Teledyne CML Composites, said in a statement.

The NCC is a research center with more than 350 composite specialists based at its Bristol facility.

Teledyne announced the new manufacturing capability on Thursday. Shares of Teledyne (TDY) closed Friday up $16.43, or 4 percent, to $425.84 on the New York Stock Exchange on a day the Dow gained 1 percent.