CERF's Dan Hamilton, left, and Matthew Fienup.

CERF's Dan Hamilton, left, and Matthew Fienup.

The Bank for America Charitable Foundation has awarded California Lutheran University’s Center for Economic Research and Forecasting, or CERF, a $250,000 research grant to identify the total economic contribution of Hispanics by U.S. state.
This new data will build on CERF's ongoing work on the national-level Latino Gross Domestic Product Report, with the most recent edition published last September.

“The award from the Bank of America is a great testimony to the high quality of work at CERF, and it enables us to contribute to the commitment the university has made as a Hispanic-Serving Institution,” Gerhard Apfelthaler, dean of the School of Management at the Thousand Oaks university, said in a statement.

CERF Executive Director Matthew Fienup and Director of Economics Dan Hamilton head the research institute’s team, which includes Dr. David Hayes-Bautista, distinguished professor of medicine at UCLA's Geffen School of Medicine; and Dr. Paul Hsu, an epidemiologist at UCLA's Fielding School of Public Health.

“We work with our esteemed colleagues at UCLA under a sub-grant award,” Fienup told the Business Journal.

Fienup added: “With this research, we turn our attention to the eight largest U.S. states by Latino population, which together contain nearly three-quarters of the nation's Latino population. Those states are California, Texas, Florida, Arizona, New Mexico, New York, New Jersey and Illinois.”

Fienup explained that the team will calculate state-level Latino GDPs for each of the targeted states, benchmarked to the U.S. Latino GDP, and then produce a report with detailed analysis of state-level data including population, age distribution, educational attainment, household formation, labor force participation, income growth and real consumption.

The next report will be released this summer.