L.A. city attorney and mayoral candidate Mike Feuer announced a lawsuit in late November against the owners of the 64-room Hometown Inn Motel in North Hills, calling the location a public nuisance and a “jaw-dropping” source of violence. 

The motel at 9401 Sepulveda Blvd. is alleged to be a hotspot for crime including murders, shootings, kidnappings, drug sales and crimes involving stolen cars, according to a city statement. Feuer’s lawsuit seeks to have the owners live at the motel until safety measures have been implemented.

A front desk employee of Hometown Inn said the owners, Gerald Wang and Diane Wang, are rarely at the motel, saying “we never see them,” and that alternative ways of contacting them were unavailable. The general manager of the location did not return a request for comment in time for publication, but the front desk employee said the motel was “fixing a lot of things” as a result of the suit.


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