A subsidiary of Teledyne Technologies Inc. has been awarded an $85 million contract to supply two launch vehicle stage adapters for NASA’s Artemis moon missions.

Teledyne Brown Engineering Inc. will build the stage adapters at Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala. The company is a division of Teledyne Technologies, the Thousand Oaks manufacturer of aerospace, marine and digital imaging products.

The launch vehicle stage adapter provides the connection between the core stage and the interim cryogenic propulsion stage of the Space Launch System, the rocket that will power astronauts back to the moon. The cone-shaped adapter serves as the system to separate the core stage of the rocket from the interim cryogenic propulsion stage.

Jan Hess, president of Teledyne Brown, said the firm was thrilled to be part of the Artemis missions.

“We are proud to continue our decades long partnership with (Marshall Space Flight Center), where our teams have worked tirelessly to help propel our nation beyond the Earth’s gravity,” Hess said in a statement.

The new stage adapters will be used on the second and third flights of the Artemis program, scheduled to launch in 2023 and 2024, respectively. Teledyne Brown delivered its first adapter in July.

Shares of Teledyne (TDY) closed Friday up $12.52, or about 3.4 percent, to $379.31 on the New York Stock Exchange, on a day when the major markets finished up by more than 1 percent.