The 2011 Largest Valley Aviation Companies List, which is ranked by the total number of passengers, features 10 companies; Clay Lacy Aviation ranks first. Avjet Corp., TWC Aviation, MC Aviation and Helinet Aviation Services complete the top five. Avjet saw a boost in passengers. It gained 33,279 for 2010, an increase of 3,565 to 2009’s 29,714. Also, the company now manages an additional two aircraft, for a total of 34. Mark Lefever is the president of Avjet, which provides jet charter services as well as aircraft management and the purchase/sale of private business jets.

By Marvin Vasquez


Clay Lacy Aviation ranks first in this year’s List after totaling 49,000 passengers in 2010, a boost in 2009’s 45,000. Led by president Brian Kirkdoffer, Clay Lacy has local operations in Van Nuys and offers a jet charter service and provides aerial cinematography. Additionally, Clay Lacy increased the number of aircraft it manages to 65 in 2010, an increase of 7. Founded in 1968 by American businessman and pilot Clay Lacy, the company owns 13 aircraft and employs 265 people. Lacy, 79, grew up in Wichita, Kansas, the birthplace of aviation manufacturing.

By Marvin Vasquez

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