The Professional Staffing Firms List ranks companies by the number of workers placed annually in the greater San Fernando Valley. These services are extended across all industries and include both full and part-time job placements. New to this year’s List is a column displaying how many hours each firm placed annually and weekly in 2010. Since the same worker can be placed multiple times and placements can range in duration, a clearer understanding of a staffing company’s success is presented in the amount of hours its placements are earning. There are 20 companies ranked on the List this year with a range of 2 to 750 local employees. The oldest firm here is Chicago-based General Employment Enterprises, Inc., established in 1893.

By Josh Dausch


For the fifth year in a row, Mediscan Staffing Services occupies the No. 1 ranking on the Professional Staffing List with 60,155 workers placed annually in 2010. The firm saw sizable growth within the past year, going from 550 to 750 local employees, with 2,000 nationwide. Mediscan specializes in health care related service personnel and locally operates out of its headquarters in Woodland Hills. Founded in 1995, the company provides a variety of benefits and opportunities to its workers, including paid travel and housing for job relocations. Mediscan is certified in Health Care Staffing by the Joint Commission, a nonprofit organization that certifies health care companies and programs.

By Josh Dausch

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