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Lindsey Deitsch

Lindsey Deitsch, 28 Founder, president XO Baking Co. Woodland Hills Wholesale manufacturer of gluten-free baking mixes and ready-to-eat baked goods. Founded: 2010 Employees: 5 Financials: Did not disclose What makes you company unusual? Our entire product line is not only gluten free, but is also rice free – a huge selling point. Additionally, every product tastes like regular gluten-based products. What led you to start your own company? When I was diagnosed with Celiac disease in 2009, I struggled to find any baked good that was worth eating or making from a mix. As an avid baker and dessert lover, you can imagine how difficult this was. I decided to take matters into my own hands and develop a line of products that people with or without gluten allergies would enjoy. What was the most important lesson you learned? There is not one single person who knows and can do everything. That’s what having a team of colleagues is for. That’s what makes for a successful business. How many hours a day do you work? Varies. Some days, eight hours. Some days 10 to 12 hours. But when you own a business, it’s like having a new-born baby. What is the biggest advantage of being young? Young entrepreneurs have more freedom. As a young entrepreneur, I’m not rushing to take my child to soccer practice or paying multiple car payments. What is the biggest disadvantage? Lack of experience working in the business field. Some of my colleagues have 10 to 20 years of business experience under their belt. Rather than looking at having little business experience negatively, I use this opportunity to learn. Do you have any hobbies? In my spare time, I really enjoy baking and cooking. Although baking is my business, it’s something that I’ve always done for fun. I am also competitive in the sport of Crossfit. I love gymnastics and lifting heavy weights! What advice would you give other Millennials who may want to start their own business? Having a passion or dream may or may not lead you down your career path. But if your dream is unique, different and something you firmly believe in, then go for it. Start small. Never give up a full-time, paying job to start your own business. You’ll know when to make that leap. – Jacquelinne Mejia

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