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Health Care: A Roundtable Discussion More Back issues See E-Edition

The healthcare industry continues to navigate through changes and the need for trouble-shooting, while providing services that are the most essential to those in need. This past year couple of years in particular, with the COVID-19 crisis and all its accompanying challenges, it has been the healthcare sector managing and providing treatment for
COVID as well as all other health concerns while providing answers and best practices for the people and businesses of the San Fernando Valley and beyond.

As we move into what has become a legitimately “new normal,” business leaders have many questions. What new protocols are in place and here to stay? What steps are hospitals taking to protect our safety?
Will outpatient care continue to trend upward? How has the insurance coverage landscape altered? To better explore these and many other pressing health-related issues, the San Fernando Valley Business Journal
has discussed insights, suggestions and best practices from two healthcare experts and thought leaders from the regional.