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Delta Scientific Receives $18 Million Barrier Order

Delta Scientific Corp. will begin shipping this month safety barricades to be used in Afghanistan as part of a $18.7 million order from the U.S. government. Barriers made by the Palmdale-based company are already in use in Iraq, Pakistan and other areas of Afghanistan. Delta Scientific is hiring 40 employees and running two shifts to meet the order of two models of quick deploy barriers that will be completed in March. The barriers will be used at forward operating bases used by U.S. and NATO forces. The self-contained barriers can be towed into position and control vehicle access within 15 minutes. “A major concern was that any vehicle barricades could be deployed quickly as installers are targets for snipers,” said Delta Scientific Senior Vice President David Dickinson. “Thus, these barricades not only help protect lives after they are installed but safeguard troops during the actual installation process as well.” Mark R. Madler

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