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Airport Authority Opposes Train Service Cuts

The Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority opposes proposed Metrolink cuts that would eliminate stops at the Bob Hope Airport station. Cutting service to the airport diminishes the value the station brings to the transit agency and its passengers as it creates connections with other forms of transportation at the airport, the airport authority said in a letter to the Southern California Regional Rail Authority. Rail authority board members will consider on April 2 a plan to drastically scale back train service to and from Ventura County, which includes the Bob Hope Airport stop, and to the Antelope Valley, as well as raising fares. The airport board encouraged Metrolink to find ways to increase ridership and offered to help fund advertising along train routes to show its commitment to promoting use of Metrolink trains. “We don’t think Metrolink is adequately promoting the connectivity it has with the Airport, and creating more awareness of how great rail and air travel work together at Bob Hope Airport is the key to long-term sustainability of both Metrolink and the Airport,” said airport Executive Director Dan Feger. Mark R. Madler

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