Orange County developer Mill Creek Residential is proposing to create a mixed-use development with 300 apartments on the west side of East Thousand Oaks Boulevard near the intersection of Hodencamp Road.

The housing proposal goes before the Thousand Oaks City council Jan. 26, according to a Thousand Oaks Acorn report.

Mill Creek intends to build 235 lower-rent apartments in four mixed-use buildings tapping Measure E funding towards its overall plan of 300 units and commercial space on a vacant 6-acre lot. Passed last November in Ventura County, Measure E allows for the boost of sales tax of 1.5 percent to 9.25 percent to generate an estimated $40 million per year for general services, including addressing homelessness.

The developer also intends to preserve three oak trees on the parcel, according to the report.

Until recently, the land hosting this project has been utilized seasonally as a pumpkin patch and Christmas tree lot.