FilmL.A. has processed about 34 percent of its usual application load since film and television production resumed in mid-June after being shut down due to coronavirus outbreak.

The Hollywood nonprofit that coordinates location film permits in Los Angeles, unincorporated Los Angeles County and other jurisdictions handled 577 film project applications from 422 different projects through Aug. 2.

Many of the projects have been for commercials and still photography for advertising.

“TV Reality production has also started to resume,” the organization said in a release. “FilmL.A. cautions that overall activity will remain low until scripted television and feature production pick up – which is expected in early September.”

Currently, all 16 jurisdictions served by FilmL.A. are open to filming, while Los Angeles Unified School District, one of six school districts it serves, is open to filming and base camp parking on campus.

FilmL.A. President Paul Audley said that there are few industries looking to reopen as responsibly as the film business.

“Hundreds of smaller projects have successfully applied safe set practices as outlined in state and local public health orders,” Audley said in a statement. “Meanwhile, continuing dialogue between studio and labor representatives is driving focused attention to cast, crew and vendor safety and compliance.”

As production picks up it is important that host communities know about the film industry’s commitment to safety, Audley continued.

“Being closed to the public, the physical film production environment is among the safer work settings available to essential workers in California,” he added. “The presence of a film company, working with a valid permit and adhering fully to county health orders, is something we hope local communities will welcome.”