Ventura County supervisors has voted to delete notices for 137 vacant health care positions from the county health agency’s website. The action came at a panel meeting Tuesday ahead of expected layoffs this month.

Bill Foley, director for the Ventura County Health Care Agency, spoke about the need for such reductions at the meeting. The agency considers the cut a “staffing optimization plan” to meet industry standards.

Layoffs at the end of this month may number around 100 between the Ventura County Medical Center in Ventura, Santa Paula Hospital and hospital-based clinics.

Vacant positions included regular and per diem positions: 106 from staffing at Ventura County Medical Center, nine from Santa Paula Hospital, one from the Hillmont inpatient psychiatric unit, 14 from the Public Health Department and two with Ventura County Animal Regulation.

The agency has more than 2,800 full- and part-time positions. Employees work in hospitals, clinics, health-care programs, the medical examiner’s office and the county’s animal shelters.