Dyve Bioscience reported positive results for a study to reduce pain associated with gout, the Thousand Oaks biotech company said Wednesday.

Twenty-four men and women with a history of gout were enrolled in the study, some of whom were given a lotion with sodium bicarbonate and menthol to treat the affected area.

The topical solution tested is for patients with acute gout; most treatments available only focus on chronic management.

“We are thrilled that a high percentage of patients had immediate pain relief, as early as 15 minutes after applying treatment,” said Dr. Smitha Reddy, study investigator at the Arthritis Care and Research Center in Poway. “This could prove to be a major advancement for those suffering from gout, given the current treatment options available, which can take days to provide relief.”

Dr. Lisa Misell, vice president of clinical and medical affairs for Dyve, presented the study’s findings at the European Crystal Network 10th workshop in Paris, France.

Dyve Bioscience focuses on developing transdermal technologies for delivery of molecules through the skin.