A helicopter operated for KABC-TV Channel 7 in Glendale was possibly hit by a drone Wednesday night and made a precautionary landing.

The news helicopter, owned by Helinet Aviation Services LLC in Van Nuys, was struck midair by an object while flying just east of downtown Los Angeles at an altitude between 1,100 feet and 1,200 feet, the company said in a statement

“Initially thought to be a bird strike, the pilot heard a loud bang and made a precautionary landing,” the statement continued. “The crew later determined a drone may have hit the aircraft after further assessment.”

Helinet Chief Executive Kathryn Purwin said the company was cooperating with the Federal Aviation Administration, the National Transportation Safety Board and Los Angeles Police Department on their investigations into the matter.

“The incident could have been a lot worse, and most importantly, we are happy that everyone is safe,” Purwin said in a statement.

A photo posted online by KABC reporter Chris Cristi showed scratches, a dent and a small hole in the aircraft’s tail.