Technology from Semtech Corp. is part of a new system by WaterBit for precision irrigation in agriculture, the company announced Tuesday.

The Camarillo semiconductor manufacturer said its devices and LoRa technology will be incorporated into WaterBit’s Autonomous Irrigation Solution.

WaterBit, in San Jose, is a venture capital backed company that provides irrigation automation for growers based on analysis of granular data that includes line pressure, water flow, soil moisture and temperature. The Autonomous Irrigation Solution helps growers maximize yield while optimizing labor and other resources. The system works with a variety of crops, including grapes, berries, nuts, cotton, corn and leafy greens.

Semtech’s LoRa technology enables the devices to send data wirelessly over a large range.

“WaterBit’s LoRa-based sensors have already been deployed on various crops throughout Central California,” Vivek Mohan, director of wireless and sensing products at Semtech, said in a statement. “WaterBit’s irrigation solution will help streamline farming operations and increase overall productivity.”

Shares of Semtech (SMTC) closed Tuesday unchanged at $32.50 on the Nasdaq.