The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation has awarded more than $38 million in grants in the final quarter of 2018, including more than $7 million to Los Angeles agencies, the Agoura Hills-based foundation announced Monday.

It awarded nearly $7.4 million to five Los Angeles County nonprofits to support foster youth, survivors of domestic violence, residents who are homeless as well as an initiative launched by Catholic nuns.

“Together with our partners, we can fulfill our mission of improving the lives of the disadvantaged and vulnerable throughout the world,” said Peter Laugharn, chief executive of the foundation, in a statement.

Two local Hilton Foundation grants went to support foster youth services.

They include $1.05 million to the Children’s Law Center of California, based in Monterey Park, to expand a program to help foster kids involved in the juvenile justice system. The downtown-based Coalition for Responsible Community Development received about $1.13 million to increase college and career readiness for those “aging out” of foster care in South Los Angeles.

Two local grants and investments went to downtown L.A. organization to support residents who are homeless.

They include $570,000 to the Downtown Women’s Center to help domestic violence survivors experiencing homelessness and $1.13 million in a combined grant and investment in affordable housing by the GenesisLA Economic Growth Corp.

The foundation awarded another $3.5 million to USC, which will serve as a monitoring, evaluation and learning partner in support of a foundation initiative to enhance the vitality of Catholic sisters and their work to advance human development around the globe.