The 805 is getting new digits, as the California Public Utilities Commission has begun a plan to introduce a second area code into the region over the next two years.

The current code covers the southern portion of Monterey County down through Santa Barbara and into Ventura County, ending in Simi Valley.

The commission expects to use up the remainder of 805 phone numbers by June 2018. New numbers will be introduced that year prior to depletion of prefixes, which are the first three numbers that follow the area code. The new area code’s numbers have not been made public.

The overlay, or addition of the new area code, is pending commission approval and will not change any current customers’ phone numbers. The overlay means that new phone numbers with the new area code will be next door to old numbers with the 805 code.

On Aug. 22 and 23, the California Public Utilities Commission will hold local jurisdiction meetings in Oxnard, Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo to educate the public about the change and hear concerns about the new area code.