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Lancaster to Require Solar Energy Production from New Homes

New homes built in Lancaster will be required to produce at least one kilowatt of solar energy beginning next year, according to an ordinance passed Tuesday by the city council. The requirement is part of a larger revision of the city’s current residential zoning, which includes revised development standards, infill development incentives, and live-work provisions. “Lancaster is already strongly committed to furthering green energy and reducing our carbon footprint,” said Mayor R. Rex Parris in a statement. “However, to truly establish ourselves as the alternative energy capital of the world, we must continue to take a progressive approach.” In large subdivisions, builders will not be required to install individual solar systems, but will need to find a way to produce enough solar energy to account for an average of one kilowatt per home, depending on lot size. Lancaster has pushed for solar energy development in recent years, and ranks as the number one city in California in terms of solar watts per capita. The city has passed earlier regulations to streamline solar installation permitting and is working with private developers on several large-scale renewable energy projects.

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