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Mind Over Business Matters

Phillips Graduate Institute President Lisa Porche-Burke helps school with roots in psychology develop business training programs.

Double Digit Earnings Growth at Firms

Valley public companies post double digit earnings increases for quarter.

Intuit Boosts West Valley Presence With Acquisition

Digital Insight Corp. has been purchased by Intuit Inc., the firm behind the software Turbo Tax, for $1.35 billion cash.

Chuck E. Cheese Founder Goes for the Grownups

Leave it to the creator of Chuck E. Cheese and Atari to create a restaurant and entertainment concept for adults that uses high-tech bells and whistles.

Settlement Gets Homestore in Shape for More Growth

Financial Settlement puts Homestore Inc. in place for further growth.

Tech Changes Appeal to Youth

To gain a competitive edge, banks are tapping into different forms of technology, such as mobile banking and E-Deposit, geared toward the younger generation.

Online Brokers Challenge Traditions of Real Estate

Online Brokers challenge the traditional real estate system.

VCs Focusing on Later-Stage Funding

There is plenty of money chasing deals these days but investors are staying selective, a business forum is told

New Accounting Rule Causes Headaches for Companies

The new accounting rule, that for many companies went into effect with the first quarter of 2006, dragged down earnings at most firms, in many cases by $0.03 or more per share.

Transformation: A Decade of Change in the Valley

In 1996, while the rest of Los Angeles, and the nation, began climbing out of a recession, the San Fernando Valley was a patchwork of scaffolding, teetering reminders of the devastation of the Northridge Earthquake that was still beating down the area's e

Local Shoppers Keep Retailers in Festive Holiday Mood

Initial fears that customers retrenched after the brisk start to the holiday season, quickly dissipated as the calendar wound its way toward Dec. 25

LNR Warner Center Bought By Player New to Region

Five Warner Center buildings have sold for a whopping $311 million, Shelly Garcia has uncovered

Vulture Funds Feed on Risky Investments

The seizure of its lender by the FDIC sent Castle Precision Industries headlong into the world of vulture funds.

Changing Workplaces Mean Conflicts Get Attention

Inner-office squabbling and staff personality conflicts have been around forever. So why is it now taking so much of our time?

Privacy Becomes Huge Issue

The electronic age has ushered in sticky problems with respect to the long-held right to privacy.

Wells Fargo to Expand Hours Of Ventura Blvd. Branches

Wells Fargo is expanding its hours at its Valley locations.

Apartment Vacancies Very Low

The apartment occupancy rate in the greater San Fernando Valley remained relatively stable at 93.1 percent in the first quarter of 2007

Opus Seen in Talks to Buy Rare Westlake Property

Opus Seen in Talks to Buy Rare Westlake Property, Senior Reporter Shelly Garcia has found.

Pursuing Path of Paperlessness

Allen Lund Co. hopes to gain a competitive advantage by eliminating most of its paperwork.

Guitar Center Planning Move Into Overseas Market

Guitar Center Inc. names one of its longtime executives to head an effort to expand overseas