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Cramming more transistors onto ever-smaller silicon real estate is the overarching goal of computer chip makers.

New Scanning System Increases Patient Safety

Panorama City Hospital has started using medication bar code scanning, the first Southern California hospital in the Kaiser Permanente system to do so.

Personal Finance---How the Fund Industry Can Benefit from Survival Bias

In mutual fund families, the ugly children die. Funds with poor performance and funds suffering from shareholder redemptions are discreetly led out of public view. Then they are merged into similar funds that are more successful. Others are simply liquida

LETTER - Hoffman Offices Open

Letter to the editor

Judge Converts Developer Roth's Chap. 11 Filings

A U.S. Bankruptcy Court judge has agreed to convert Randall Roth's petition for reorganization to a bankruptcy proceeding, setting the stage to liquidate the assets of his company

Amgen Adds Warning About Higher Doses of Anemia Drugs

Studies on similar drugs show that off label dosages can put patients at risk.

Researchers Strike Gold With Zinc Cold Remedy

In 1994, two Los Angeles researchers hit upon an idea while debating studies that showed natural remedies could slow the common cold.

Change of Life for Herb Makers?

Timing could not be better for nutritional supplement manufacturers, including two local San Fernando Valley companies that have recently introduced products to relieve menopause symptoms.

Buy an Existing Business

When you buy an existing business, you are assuming responsibility to an existing customer base. Buying a business this way, you are most concerned with the ability of the business to continue to earn profits.

Liquidators Making Lemonade

Woodland Hills liquidation firm Great American is managing the closure of 567 Circuit City stores.


The fraternity sweatshirts worn in the bloody scenes of "Scream 2" go for $25. Sixty bucks will get you Amanda's green business suit from "Melrose Place." And a bikini from the sexy sands of "Baywatch" can be snatched up for a mere $15.

Kreido Signs Agreement for Biostock Storage

Camarillo-based Kreido Biofuels, Inc. has entered into a long-term liquids handling agreement with Vopak Terminal North America, Inc.


MiniMed Inc. is awaiting Food and Drug Administration approval for a revolutionary glucose sensor that will give diabetics the most precise way yet of monitoring their blood sugar levels.

Glendale Firm Learns Lesson From Trip Into Bankruptcy

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Sherman Oaks homeowners, who for years fought to keep developers from expanding the movie theaters and restaurants at the Sherman Oaks Galleria and ultimately lost the battle, are still pretty touchy about plans to refurbish the mall.

Circuit City to liquidate remaining US stores

Bankrupt Circuit City Stores Inc., the nation's second-biggest consumer electronics retailer, said it failed to find a buyer and will liquidate its 567 U.S. stores. The closures could send another 30,000 people into the ranks of the unemployed.

Beyond the Cure for the Common Cold

R. Steven Davidson's Zengen has leveraged a profitable over-the-counter cold remedy into even more ambitious research projects

Bob Hope Airport Braces for Peak Travel Season

Bob Hope Airport in Burbank is adding more drop-off zones and traffic cops today through Sunday to stymie the logjam of traffic expected during the busiest travel period of the year.

Ixia Repurchasing $50 Million in Stock

The Board of Directors for Ixia approved the company buying back $50 million in its common stock.

Profiting From Personal Attention

Working for family businesses can be a very different experience.