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The High Cost of Environmentalism

With Thanksgiving in two weeks, I have to start by giving thanks that my family and home have been safe from the fires we have seen recently.

The Coming Jobs War

OP-ED: Acknowledging and addressing impacts of automation on the local economy.

It’s Time to Sit Up and Pay Attention

I once saw a T-shirt that proudly declared, “I put the ‘pro’ in procrastination.”

Green New Deal: What’s the Cost?

Costs of Green New Deal.

Labor Reform That Makes Sense

Newly proposed laws show labor is adapting to the new ways of working.

Which Path Shall the Valley Take?

Transit investments are a good idea.

Regulations: A Modest Proposal

As we make our way through the holidays, it’s become clear to me that there’s a problem our elected officials need to solve.

Takeaways from Take-Back Plan

L.A. County shouldn’t penalize pharmacists and drug makers for products post-sale.

New Routes for Valley’s Future

Voter-approved funding for transportation could determine the Valley’s economic future.

My Holiday Wish List

VICA President Stuart Waldman makes a wish list for the new year.

What We’re Grateful For

Reflecting on what the Valley business community has to be grateful for in 2015.

Most Traffic-Jammed Time of Year

The holidays remind us of L.A.’s traffic challenges.

For Lawmakers in Sacramento, That’s a Wrap, Folks!

VICA’s victories and losses in Sacramento.

New Year Brings More Frustrations

VICA LOCAL UPDATE The Business Perspective on Valley Issues

Few people would accuse me of being sentimental, but if there’s ever a time for it, it’s the first week of January.

Why State Funded Child Care Pays Off

Businesses benefit when the state supports child care.

Park and Ride or Sit in Traffic?

Businesses – keep watch of Measure M to ensure it rolls out as planned.

Building on a Solid Foundation

Op-Ed: Business agenda gets proactive.

Here’s a Deceptively Simple Issue

Work scheduling is complex issue.

Your New Year’s To-Do List

As advocates for the business community, our work will never be finished in California.

Street Legal, but Unfair Competition

Making street vendors legal without restrictions would damage store owners burdened with regulations.

L.A.’s pending street vendor regulation