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Amgen Adds Warning About Higher Doses of Anemia Drugs

Studies on similar drugs show that off label dosages can put patients at risk.


Faced with slowing sales of its two primary products, Amgen Inc., the Thousand Oaks-based biotech company, has intensified its search for super-profitable drugs.

New Scanning System Increases Patient Safety

Panorama City Hospital has started using medication bar code scanning, the first Southern California hospital in the Kaiser Permanente system to do so.

Changing With The Times

Sun Valley Foods is thriving after than 85 years in business

Lancaster Add

Origins: First settled by M.L. Wicks, a farmer, the area was initially known for its alfalfa and gold-mining. Later, poultry farms were opened in the region.

Congressman to Amgen: Stop Advertising Anemia Drug

A congressman has asked Thousand Oaks drug maker Amgen Inc. to stop advertising its popular anemia drugs until a federal investigation into its safety is completed.

Boosting Technology

Installation of cutting edge equipment accompanies facilities' expansion


You would think a company that has grown its revenues 273 percent since going public in 1995 would be ready for a breather, but not MiniMed Inc.

MINIMED - Wall Street Optimistic Over MiniMed's Coming Device

MiniMed Inc. has once again caught fire on Wall Street, with its stock more than doubling from $50 in December to $115 as of last week.

North American Scientific Receives Device Clearance

North American Scientific announced that it has received the approval of the Food and Drug Administration for a low-dose radiation version of a device used to treat breast cancer.

Spike in Food Prices Eats Up Profits for Restaurant Chains

CORPORATE FOCUS: The jury is still out on the question of whether high-protein diets will slim you down, but one thing for sure is getting thinner restaurant profit margins.


Last week's municipal elections showed that after six years in office, L.A. Mayor Richard Riordan has finally become an effective force in city politics.

An Ill-Advised Decision in Time Warner-AOL Merger

That's because, in a stunningly stupid move, every last employee stock option at Time Warner Inc. became instantly exercisable the minute the board approved the media company's $153 billion acquisition by America Online Inc.

CalPERS misjudges the landscape

The giant pension fund negotiates to prevent a 15,000-acre Santa Clarita Valley deal from sinking into bankruptcy.

Paradigm Shift

Long-time HR managers discuss changes in the profession

Roles of HR Directors Get Boost

No longer mere paper shufflers handling payroll and benefits, human resources managers and directors have transitioned into roles where they are directly connected to the strategic plans of the companies they work for.

North American Scientific Sees Payoff in New Strategy

CORPORATE FOCUS - Over the past three years, North American Scientific Inc. has acquired three companies in order to expand into some of the newest areas of radiopharmaceuticals.

Civil Plaintiffs' Attorneys Pour Money into Political Process

Personal injury lawyers and other plaintiffs' attorneys spent more than $4.1 million on incumbents and candidates in California during a two-year period studied by the Civil Justice Association of California.

WEB---Working the Web

Driving Force: Making the Internet more accessible and a more efficient tool for small business owners

Transonic Receives Addition Investment

Fuel injection system manufacturer Transonic Combustion received addition funding from a private equity firm.