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Give Homeless Money, Not a Unit

It’s outrageous that the average cost to build a city-subsidized apartment for the homeless has climbed to $559,000 with highest per-unit cost now at $746,000.

Hogtied Once Again at the Ranch

Hogtied once again at Tejon Ranch.

How Cheri Fleming Faced Setbacks

Three things about Cheri Fleming truly stand out.

Padlocks Off of Defiant Restaurant – For Now

Padlocks were removed from the Tinhorn Flats bar and grille on Wednesday evening after the city of Burbank determined that it was a safety hazard to have the front doors locked when patrons had streamed through a breached side door and were dining inside the defiant restaurant.

Black Entrepreneurs Month: Walter Njboke

Walter Njboke always liked fashion and design, even as a youth growing up in Nigeria.

Alas, Our Shriveling Factory Sector

Charles Crumpley laments the Valley area’s shrinking manufacturing sector.

Black Entrepreneurs Month: Richard Herron

For many businesses, the last year with the government-imposed lockdowns has been the most challenging. But Richard Herron of Construction Concern Inc. in Newhall thinks of the Great Recession as his worst period.

Can’t Help It: I Love Entrepreneurs

β€˜The chance to be an entrepreneur is one of the greatest privileges this country has to offer.’

Burbank Locks Tinhorn Flats, and Again Owner Cuts It Off

The city of Burbank on Wednesday morning put a red tag of condemnation on the defiant Tinhorn Flats Saloon and Grill and padlocked its doors for a second time.

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