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Coming Soon: A Recovery Near You

VICA President Stuart Waldman writes that California is ready for a comeback.

Hey, Can We Just Start Over?

I cannot take this anymore. Month after month and year after year, I am saying everything I have said before. Yet, the more we say, the less elected officials hear.

Killing Us Slowly With Their Laws

The California Legislature last month ended its 2020 legislative session where most of the final day of session was spent arguing about partisanship and figuring out how to conduct business virtually.

When Will the Free Ride Be Over?

With California open again and the pandemic slowing down, you would think our state would start getting back to normal.

Surviving in a Post-Pandemic Era

Next year is quickly approaching and I know I am not the only one looking forward to this year being over.

Looking to 2021 and Our Recovery

The holidays are here, which means 2020 is coming to an end. Under normal circumstances, a new year would represent new beginnings and new opportunities, but as we prepare to welcome the new year, the hard truth is that many of the issues and challenges we have faced throughout 2020 will remain with us in 2021.

Public Safety Changes = Less Safe?

We are facing a critical juncture in how we address public safety in Los Angeles and across the country.

Can’t We Get a Flexible Workweek?

VICA President Stuart Waldman asks if state can get a flexible workweek.

Police Cuts Will Hurt Business, Too

We are facing a critical juncture in how we address public safety in Los Angeles and across the country.

Going From Light to Darkness?

The new year is well underway. There is hope and we have slightly seen the light at the end of the tunnel

Stop Biting the Hand that Feeds Us

Now is not the time to pass anti-business legislation, says VICA’s Stuart Waldman.

Going Into a Post-COVID Unknown

Businesses are still confused about pandemic restrictions amid the state’s reopening.

Why Kick Restaurants Even More?

‘Clumsy and complicated legislation’ will harm restaurants, according to VICA’s Stuart Waldman.