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Give Homeless Money, Not a Unit

It’s outrageous that the average cost to build a city-subsidized apartment for the homeless has climbed to $559,000 with highest per-unit cost now at $746,000.

Did Pandemic Harm Valley More?

Was the Valley harmed more or less by the pandemic?

PAGA Hurts Our Employees, Too

How the Private Attorney General Act is hurting employees.

How Cheri Fleming Faced Setbacks

Three things about Cheri Fleming truly stand out.

Maybe Valley Will Get Some Offices


Shortly after the coronavirus pandemic hit nearly eight months ago, businesses started questioning whether they would need as much office space going forward.

Black ENTREPRENEURS MONTH: John Grace Investor’s Advantage

200 N. Westlake Blvd., Westlake Village Business: Personal financial planner (805) 495-2077 • Email: Website:

A New Way to Hurt Our Businesses

‘Maybe the supporters (of Proposition 15) should hit up the profligate legislators instead of the overburdened taxpayers.’

Cheri Fleming, Auto Dealership Owner and Civic Leader, Dies at 69

Cheri Fleming, among the most accomplished business and civic leaders in the Valley area, died Monday evening after suffering a brain aneurism two weeks ago.

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How Amgen’s New Policy Will Hurt

How Amgen Inc.’s work from home policy will hurt economy.

Black Entrepreneurs Month: Walter Njboke

Walter Njboke always liked fashion and design, even as a youth growing up in Nigeria.

Black Entrepreneurs Month: R. Nicolas Brown

R. Nicolas Brown worked for 29 years at the Los Angeles Department of City Planning, 16 years of which was spent as a zoning administrator.

Thank you, Women of the Valley

Charles Crumpley finds businesswomen’s stories to be inspirational.

Plastic Utensils to Be Restricted

The Los Angeles City Council on Wednesday unanimously passed an ordinance to make disposable utensils and napkins at restaurants available only by request from customers.

‘Valley 200’ Ready for Exotic Travel

Judging by responses from our Valley 200 honorees, an African safari is the most popular bucket list item right now.

Hogtied Once Again at the Ranch

Hogtied once again at Tejon Ranch.

In Pandemic, Dealmakers Survived

‘Many (brokers) successfully employed creativity and persistence to complete deals in a difficult year.’

When Will Your Workers Return?

The challenges of getting people back to work.

Alas, Our Shriveling Factory Sector

Charles Crumpley laments the Valley area’s shrinking manufacturing sector.

At Least One County Supe Gets It

‘Before you imperil thousands of businesses and crush a million dreams, shouldn’t you be pretty sure of what you’re doing?’

Black Entrepreneurs Month: Mel Wilson Mel Wilson & Associates

832 N. Maclay Ave., San Fernando Business: Residential real estate brokerage, asset management, legislative housing advocacy (818) 336-6777 • Email: Website: