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Ailing ENutrition Joins Slew of Dot-Coms Making Cuts

Health supplements promise to do just about everything these days except boost sinking dot-coms.

2000's Dot-Com Bust Becomes Dot-Gone Rush in 2001

As 2001 dawned, the term "dot-gone" had already entered our business lexicon, no less so here in the San Fernando Valley. And as 2001 comes to an end, a number of Valley onetime dot-coms are indeed long gone.

Cybersense---Expect More Confusion As New Domains Are Named

Like most kids this time of year, Internet geeks and online entrepreneurs have been itching for some new toys.

DOT-COMS---Pattern Begins to Emerge of Dot-Coms Primed for Profit

With some exceptions, those dot-coms still feeding off venture capital funding and limping toward profitability are likely to be providing a service- or information-based product as opposed to bringing fresh peaches or Barbie dolls to your doorstep, a la

CBS sharing Final Four online

When Final Four action begins Saturday, fans who want to watch the games live online will have to head to CBSSports .com, which owns exclusive online rights to the NCAA men's basketball tournament.

Small Business Profile: Going Small

Like many before it, Data Systems Worldwide had to think quickly in order to boost sales after it got burned in the dot-com debacle.

EDUCATION---Kids' Web Site May Be Real Thing in Dot-Com World

Anyone willing to ignore the carnage left by the tech industry meltdown and last week's Nasdaq nosedive to dive into their own dot-com start-up may want to listen closely to the advice of creator and president Brian Napack.

COLLEGE---E-Comm + 3Rs = The Latest Thing

You might expect events like these to empty out college classrooms that once housed e-commerce courses.


Tisno Onggara ruefully recalls the time three years ago when he had a chance to make an early-stage investment in, an L.A.-based company that allows users to download postage via the Internet.

NEWS---Business Newscast Turns to Web as Way to Stay Alive

In a last-ditch effort to save its 33-year-old local business newscast, Harriscope of Los Angeles is launching its "Business News 22" onto the Internet.

Small Business: Special Delivery to the Bottom Line

After the tech fallout cut revenues by a third, a Moorpark quality assurance firm concentrated on helping clients move products to market more quickly.

Gambling on Success Beginning to Pay Off

Amid the rubble of the dot-com crash of 2001, didn't figure to last long.

Wednesday in the Valley

The Sherman Oaks Homeowners Association holds its community meeting to discuss the state of crime in the Valley with special guest, LAPD Deputy Chief Michael Moore.

Traffic School Takes High-Tech Approach

THE BRIEFING: Armen GeoSimonian was in a quandary after he dissolved his business Traders Online.

Valley Tutoring Company Launches Web Site launches in Israel to offer lesson overviews and solutions for problems in common textbooks.

Couple’s Site Goes All In On Raise’s services go beyond just crowdfunding.

Internet: At, startups can access more than money.

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Valley Companies Rely on Angels As Local Funding Dearth Continues

Valley Companies Rely on Angels As Local Funding Dearth Continues

Court Ruling Lets Online Advertiser Keep Its Name

LAW: Appellate order centers around generic vs. distinct names for Internet firms.

A federal appeals court rules in favor of Sherman Oaks-based in its legal battle with AOL.


That was the sale price brokered for the name a few weeks ago by Chatsworth-based The price paid by San Francisco-based Internet startup Venture Frogs, which plans to launch an online pharmacy represents one of the highest prices eve

Animation --- CSUN's Animation Program Drawing Students

On the northern edge of the Cal State Northridge campus lies a group of numbered trailers spaced out in what used to be a parking lot hardly an image that would lure incoming freshmen to the campus.