Medolife Rx’s marketing campaign featuring legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk has paid off.

The subsidiary of Quanta Inc. in Burbank said its website has experienced hundreds of thousands of impressions and a traffic spike following Hawk’s entrance into his role as a product spokesperson.

Hawk’s sharing of the campaign to his audience garnered more than 260,000 impressions and created significant increases in awareness of Medolife’s brand, traffic to its e-commerce platform and revenue generated from product sales. Medolife has seen an 800 percent increase in unique sessions directly from Instagram since the ad campaign launched.

Medolife launched the campaign on Sept. 16 to advertise its Aelia product line, which features CBD rubs and tinctures for pain relief. In addition to the digital advertising campaign, the company attended Vert Alert in August, a skateboarding event that allowed Medolife to showcase its products to athletes and the general public.

“These numbers are astounding and provide proof of a tangible ROI in our relationship with Tony Hawk,” Medolife Chief Executive Dr. Arthur Mikaelian said in a statement. He added that his company has more in the pipeline when it comes to the partnership with Hawk.

Shares of Quanta (QNTA) closed Thursday at a little more than 3 cents on the over-the-counter market.