Through her Sherman Oaks-based online consignment store, My Little Outfit, owner Courtney Kanner Fishman is looking to promote a budget-and-environment-friendly solution for children’s apparel. 

The store’s website allows users to shop for gently worn children’s clothes that have been curated into outfits, or bundles of multiple outfits, each priced at $18.99. It also features a subscription model for regular shipments of new-to-you clothes. Subscribers receive four outfits each month for $38 and include the option to trade in old clothing for credit toward new outfits. 

“My company is all about curating outfits and used clothing,” Kanner Fishman said. “Five years ago, I tested the idea of styling the outfits in my son’s closet. When we tested his closet into outfits, everything was curated into two to three pieces. And it was so easy – not just for me to dress him, but for my nanny, for my husband, for his grandma. Anyone can just pull something off the hanger and it’s just all done. Like they don’t have to think about it.”


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