Porto’s Bakery and Cafe long-awaited Northridge location hasn’t yet opened its doors due to delays caused by the coronavirus, but its signature cheese rolls and guava pastries are now available weekly at the Northridge Farmers Market and Family Festival until the grand opening later this year.

“We feel it was a good way of letting people know we’re coming,” Beatriz “Betty” Porto, co-owner of the family bakery, said of the market stall. 

On Wednesdays at the Northridge Fashion Center from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m., the bakery sets up a booth featuring pastries and breads. Every week without fail, Porto said, guests ask about the bakery’s cafe specialties — potato balls and ham and cheese croquettes, but the fried foods won’t be available at the farmers market location. Still, the flaky pastries, brioche buns and savory breads fly off the shelves.


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